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That’s No (Hunters) Moon…


As you may know some of us here at Ovine have a little soft spot for the classic Atari Star Wars game and all its lovely glowy lines.  Occasionally we are even let out on day release to play the real thing…


76282_1731544532534_1902701_n    2011-11-05 10.27.35   
          Uncle and Andy playing the real McCoy                                  Uncle playing a Mini Cab version


Well now we aim to bring some of that 19 inch vector CRT fun to the small screen with a new remake.  The game will run both on iOS, and Android.  Currently the vector engine is coded and is performing nicely on my Nexus 7.  I have programmed the basic framework for the last two stages (Surface Run and Trench Run) as you can see in the below clip…



I still need to add music, and get the turrets firing properly to finish the basics of this stage.  Then its onto the first stage, which seems the simplest but the one I dread coding the most.  Hopefully that part will also go smoothly.

More updates soon :)

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