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Ovine on your iOS, Android and Windows Device

Ovine on your iOS, Android and Windows Device

[p-intro]What has OVINE been up to and why has it been so quiet here lately?[/p-intro]

It has been quiet here, but we have been busy little sheep over the last few months developing some mobile games for Apple’s iPhone/iTouch/iPad, Android phones/tablets and Windows Phone.  Our first game is out now.

And you can get a sneak peek at all of our other games that will be ready soon on the mobile site and on our G+ page.
Our first game is The Sky is Falling, an upside down take on games like Blitz where you have to clear a path home.  It’s been a great game to work on and has helped for us to discover the quirks of publishing on the various app stores.
So what’s next?  Well fans of Quantasm will soon be able to play a special version on your favourite phone and tablet.  Watch this space.  Also a new game with a Bee is on the way, again watch this space as we’ll be posting videos and screenshot soon!

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