Retro Remakes


Ovine by Design has been remaking games in one form or another since the early 1990′s, some of the early games we have been able to find are remakes of Jetpac and Atic Atac for MS-DOS, Boulderdash (Rumble) for the Atari ST and Tetris (Teserae) for the Amiga.

Retro Remakes

In recent years we have reproduced many of our favourite games on Windows and sometimes OSX.  You can download them with the links below, they are all free.  If you enjoy the games and would like to help support Ovine’s web hosting costs, please consider making a small donation.  Thank you!


You can also get some of our original games on iOS, Android and Windows Phone, all lovingly created in a retro style.

Free means free

All our remakes on this page are free to play.  If you have paid to get any of these games you have been ripped off, demand your money back!  Please do not link directly to the game download files or host the games yourself.  Any questions, please get in touch.